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Germany has world renowned Universities and colleges with excellent reputation for providing a good quality education for national and international students. Some of these Universities and colleges have been in existence for over seven hundreds years. German high schools provide thirteen years of secondary education. International Students from non EU countries there for need to complete mandatory a one year of a course called STUDIENKOLLEG that qualifies them to enter for undergraduate courses in Germany. One has to complete a sixteen years of education in order to qualify for a master’s program.

In Master’s Program the students are given an option to use German or English language to complete. If you wish to use the English language as a medium for learning, you need to show your proficiency in the English language through TOEFL or IELTS exams. You need to gain a suitable score for enrollment. However you wish to opt for German language as medium for learning, you need to prove your proficiency in the German language through DSH or TEST DAF exam.

Why Germany could be better destiny for your education:

  • Living cost is lower than in other countries.
  • World class recognized degree..
  • German credits are transferable. Social security is one of the finest in the World.

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